If your driver’s license has been suspended by a court or the BMV you may be eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges. Contact us today to set up consultation to discuss how we can help restore your right to drive.

What are Specialized Driving Privileges?

Specialized Driving Privileges allow an individual whose current driver’s license is suspended to operate a motor vehicle during the suspension. Specialized Driving Privileges often allow an individual otherwise ineligible to drive to do the following:

  • Drive to and from work.
  • Drive to and from school and daycare.
  • Drive to and from court appearances.
  • Drive to and from treatment appointments.

How do I get Specialized Driving Privileges?

You get Specialized Driving Privileges by filing a request for Specialized Driving Privileges with a court. The request is filed in:

  • The court that suspended your driver’s license (if your suspension is court-imposed).
  • Your county of residence (if your suspension is imposed by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles).

Who is eligible for a Specialized Driving Privileges?

Virtually anyone is eligible to apply for Specialized Driving Privileges. The following individuals are NOT eligible:

  • An individual that has never held a valid Indiana driver’s license.
  • An individual that refused to submit to a chemical test, unless the refusal was dismissed as part of a plea or conviction.
  • An individual that holds a CDL. However, an individual that holds a CDL may obtain Specialized Driving Privileges to operate the individual’s personal (i.e., non-commercial) vehicle. In other words, you will NOT be able to drive your commercial vehicle but you WILL be able to drive your personal vehicle.
  • An individual convicted of an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle and causing death of another person.
  • An individual that previously received Specialized Driving Privileges and who has more than one conviction for violating the terms of the Specialized Driving Privileges.

Is the Court required to grant Specialized Driving Privileges?

A court has the authority to grant or deny a request for Specialized Driving Privileges on a case-by-case basis. The good news is that many courts are routinely granting Specialized Driving Privileges to drivers that were previously ineligible for a probationary or hardship license.

What do I have to do after I’m granted Specialized Driving Privileges?

  • Maintain proof of financial responsibility (SR-22).
  • Carry a copy of the Specialized Driving Privileges on you at all times (or in the car you are driving).
  • Produce a copy of the Specialized Driving Privileges to any law enforcement officer on request.

Will I be required to have an ignition interlock installed on my car before I’m eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges?

No. However, the court may, or in some cases must, require ignition interlock (i.e., a breathalyzer to start your car) as a term of your Specialized Driving Privileges. This requirement is most common in alcohol-related suspensions.